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The Store

It is like us, it has grown from when it was a simple upholsterer’s in Via del Giglio in Empoli, to become the current venue located on three floors. In reality, a lot of time has gone by, more than a century, I would say, but it does not show its age. The focus on innovation and the continuous renewal of areas means that the store is undoubtedly an expression of the experience and tradition that we have gained, without any sense of staticness.

We have always sought to valorise that form of Italian taste that has made our country famous world-wide, we like to work to measure, tailor-making the right atmosphere for every client, a place to return to after an intense day at work, a place to share emotions and sensations with friends.

Our strength is the result of the passion that we put into the things we have always done, and the most satisfaction comes from our clients opening the doors to their homes and thinking of us, even after years.

The Upholsterer’s

This is where we were born. The skilful hands of our workers create curtains, sofas and chairs, and every one of these takes its place in a setting that we have made, all together, making it once again as unique as possible.




The Workshop

It would be more accurate to say “the new workshop”, because in reality it has always existed. Only now, it has evolved, becoming much bigger and moving beyond the walls of Empoli. This is in order to be able to ever better craft those little details, such as the Boiseire, which set us apart from simple furniture traders.

The Ironmongers

We don’t yet have a forge, but other than this we are ready to satisfy any request. Thanks to external dedicated resources, we are able to produce stairs, railings, gates and anything else that fire can shape, in the absolute certainty that the result will be unique and personalised, we will be able to create that impossible staircase that will make your home one-of-a-kind.

The Bronzeworker

Continuing with our philosophy of handmade items, with the aid of an artisan we are able to create handles and accessories, once again made to measure for your homes, with exclusivity as the true important characteristic.


A home without carpets risks could resemble a painting without a frame.
A carpet is that magical frame that enhances every tiny detail of the furniture which is place on it, as well as rendering any room warm and welcoming, colourful and lively, according to the shape and materials used, and this is why we keep our carpets all together in a special room, in order that the choice of a carpet is an integral part of the creative process for your project.


No, we are not simple furniture sellers, a staff of two is responsible for transforming your desires into projects, following you from the offset, from plans of homes under construction to existing buildings. Choosing, together with you, the positioning of a sofa, a table or an item of furniture, supervising the work of the contractors in the positioning of electrical outlets.
They still create the drawings of your project by hand, instead of using cold, impersonal CAD tools. This is the service we offer our clients.


The heart of our company is a staff of 10 who are responsible for putting into practice the choices that you have made together with us, and that our designers have drawn.
We deal with everything, from delivery to installation. Every one of them has years of experience and an unbeatable level of technical ability, their reliability is our most important calling card.

The Fabrics

A fabric is the result of an interweaving of perpendicular threads.
It is made up of two elements, the warp, which is the group of threads on the loom, and the weft, a single thread which passes from one side of the warp to the other.
Fabrics date back as far as the neolithic period, and through the materials used, the weaves, the colours and the tools used to make them, they show the cultural and technical evolution of civilisation.
Fabrics surround us every day, and this is why we devote particular attention to them. creating a special area where you can see them and touch them.
Fabrics require an almost tailored approach, the fall of a curtain, the play of transparancies, the choice of custom-made embrasse and braids, and the wide selection and an expert eye will once again make your furnishings unique and personalised.