Absolute quality, unique technology, requirements which make a Bulthaup kitchen an icon and a way of life, but nowadays this company has gone beyond those characteristics, taking on a society which is changing, and which no longer requires only perfect function but also emotional pleasure.

Thanks to its systems B1, B2, and B3, we can create a “living environment” designed in every tiny tailor-made detail to satisfy every minimum requirement.

Your kitchen will become the cornerstone of evenings spent either with the family or with friends, communicating its uniqueness to every single guest. A new principle takes over the kitchen, breaking the boundaries of the idea of “growing into a space”, it will therefore be the very users who define its functions, placed right where they are needed. This means having space to personalised solutions. The user becomes the director of the scene, moulding according to their expectations and requirements, modifying according to needs, even acquiring additional functions and elements.


Marchi group

For the Marchi group we are much more than a retailer, we are a Kitchen Store.
Our companies are founded on the same principles: Designing and creating kitchens of excellence, which express superior values from the constant search for the utmost quality and absolute beauty. Thanks to them, we are able to draw on the values of tradition, offering a result of absolute excellence, untouched by fashion or time. Together with them, we create for you that which today’s hectic lifestyle takes away, creating a space where you will finally rediscover the right moment to enjoy the flavours of your origins, rediscovering authenticity. We will design a kitchen which will not be a passing trend, and in its uniqueness, you will rediscover the robust reliability of objects made to last.

Quality, guaranteed by woods and materials of the highest quality. Passion, expressed by the skilful hands of expert artisans. Solidity, which guarantees durability and the utmost comfort. Absolute beauty, suggested by century-old traditions combined into classic style, contaminated by elegant touches of contemporary design.