Gaggenau is a brand which has accompanied Borgioli Arredamento from the very beginning, its definition is represented by three fundamental concepts: Design, Innovation, History.

A company which has managed to bridle innovation and techniques of the highest levels of precision which are necessary for the creation of professional kitchens for domestic use dressed in an “elegant and timeless look”, rendering them usable by all. Constant innovation, thanks to 30 researchers and designers which work alongside in the search for qualitatively better and aesthetically perfect solutions, has led to the creation of more than 300 patents, many of which are the first in the world.

History, true history. The first Gaggenau foundry was established in 1683, and progress has never ceased, arriving to present times, representing an international brand of excellence in the field of appliances and kitchens for architects, designers, chefs and lovers of design. Gagganau ranges from classic ovens to steam and microwave ovens, gas, ceramic or induction hobs, grills, lava stones, extractor fans which disappear from sight with a simple touch, intelligent, energy-saving dishwashers, right up to professional coffee machines skilfully integrated into the kitchen

Gaggenau toscana firenze


Sub Zero

Sub Zero is only a fridge, just like a diamond is only a stone
Sub Zero: Keep your food fresher for longer
It is not a simple fridge, rather a veritable system for food conservation.
Our mission is to bring freshness to your table.
Sub Zero saves energy and is ecologically compatible, even the largest model consumes less energy than a 100 W light bulb (all products qualify for Energy Star rating)

Imagine savouring a glass of rare and precious wine which has been perfectly conserved at the right temperature…
So wine has a life longer than ours?
But we, fragile human creations, will take revenge swallowing all.
In wine is life.
Petronio Arbitro (27 – 66)

Wine storage

You have finally found that special year, for that special event, and now you need to think about where to keep it, until that instant in which, on opening and tasting, every moment will assume the right value.
In a Sub Zero cellar, everything is right and every bottle and label will be treated with extreme care, beginning with the temperature and humidity level, the special care will allow them to be a representation of yourselves.


Power is nothing without control.
Without control, even the best chefs may seems like a busboy in a sandwich shop.
Thanks to Wolf, even the most difficult operations are made easy.
Mankind has always tried to control fire, we have taken its heart and regulated the intensity.
We have bridled the speed of the microwave, placing it at your service.
We have managed to hide the power of lightning under glass, our electric hobs will cook your food with the necessary delicacy.
And we have skilfully hidden our extractor fans, so that every dish keeps its own fragrance.